2005: Wetter (Germany, “artmile”, local city bank); 2008: Stockholm (Sweden, Galleri Lyktan, group exhibition); 2009: New York (USA, Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery in Beacon, New York, travelling exhibition “Freedom and Art”, February – May); 2009: Wetter (Germany, Wohnstättengenossenschaft, March – June); 2009: Stockholm (Sweden, Ostra Gymnasiet Trangsund, “The Mirca Tour for Human Rights Exhibition”, group exhibition, November – December); 2010: Cape Town/Kapstadt (South Africa, Belinda Anvil – The Rainbow Experience Gallery, “Freedom & Art”- project/travelling exhibition, April – May); 2010: Cologne/Köln (Germany, Kahlshof, “Planet Earth, Planet Art”, group exhibition, September – December); 2011: Cologne/Köln (Germany, Kahlshof, “Cologne meets New York”, group exhibition, January – March); 2011: Witten (Germany, Gemeinschaftspraxis Marienplatz, “International Art Show”, group exhibition, February – May); 2011: Witten (Germany, Marien Hospital Witten, “New York im Marien-Hospital”, group exhibition, April – July); 2011: Malta (University of Malta, “The Mirca Tour For Human Rights”, group exhibition, July – August); 2011: New York (USA, Skylight Gallery NYC, “Gestalt – German Artists in Conversation”, group exhibition, July – August; published my art book “VIEW – Exclusively Abstract”, blurb.com, New York); 2011: Hagen (Germany, KKH, “…vorwiegend Blau”, group exhibition, October – December); 2012: New York (USA, “Room No. 5”, Skylight Gallery, Manhattan, group exhibition, August – September 2012); 2012: Witten (Germany, “konsequent abstrakt“, Gemeinschaftspraxis Marienplatz, solo exhibition, August – October); 2012: Witten (Germany, „panta rhei“, Stadtwerke Witten, group exhibition, September – October, see youtube video below!); 2013: New York (USA, “European Sensibility Near and Far”, Gallery 66 NY, group exhibition, January 4th – 27th); 2014: Orewa (New Zealand, “Nirvanavan Foundation Exhibition”, Estuary Arts Centre, group exhibition, March 8th – April 8th); 2014: Luxembourg (Court of Justice of the European Union, “Guardian of the edge”, visual artists respond to the poetry of Agnes Marton, group exhibition, 6 November 2014 to 9 January 2015);  2015: New York (USA, Gallery 66 NY, group exhibition/fundraising, from 17th January to 17th February 2015);  2015: Stockholm (Sweden, Ostra Gymnasiet, Mirca Poster Show in recognition of Malala Yousafzai, group exhibition, from 29th August to 24th October); 2016: Skogås ( Sweden, Mariakyrkan, Mirca Poster Show in recognition of Malala Yousafzai, group exhibition, from 24th January to 24th February); 2016: New York (USA, Gallery 66 NY, group exhibition “Kunstleben”, from 5th August to 28th August 2016); 2018: Wetter-Volmarstein (Germany, Ruhrtalatelier, group exhibition, “Sculpt The World” – in collaboration with sculpture-network.org. – 95 venues in 21 countries involved via “live stream”, 28th January 2018).


2012: The “Panta Rhei” Show in Witten, Germany




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