Heinz Gövert 2Heinz „HEGO“ Gövert

Born and grown up in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. I live and work in Herdecke. “HEGO” is a pseudonym – derived from the first two letters of my first and last name (Heinz Goevert). For many, many years I’ve played the drums in various rock- and rhythm ‘n’ blues bands in Dortmund, Germany.

When I had to stop playing the drums a few years ago, I was really missing something. I felt a kind of “creative gap” which I filled by taking up a passion from my youth: painting. I took it up in 2003. I have studied English, sociology and philosophy and ended up as a headmaster of a bilingual secondary modern school. (Due to two heart attacks I had to retire in 2010). As far as painting is concerned I am self taught.

In my abstract paintings I attempt to visualize emotions, feelings, and moods as they are expressed in blues music. I also attempt to express the transitoriness, the decay of life as a necessary precondition for the genesis of something new. Some of my paintings show a ZEN – like motif. Besides black and white I like using warm, earthy colours (acrylics, pigments) – mixed with sand or modelling paste in different layers – painted, smoothed over in rough, often archaic looking patterns. Sometimes I also use marble dust, mull, pack-twine, copper- and zinc plates, jeans-cloth, pc-scrap, and metal flakes. I use to paint while listening to rhythm ‘n blues music and I feel that painting and drumming have a lot in common.

My work has also been publicly juried numerous times into the top 10 (12 times within two years) of the “TOP 50” – artists on “Saatchi Showdown” (Saatchi-Gallery London) which regularly receives over 40 million hits per day. My artwork “Dancing Lines” came in 3rd in Showdown Round Ten (July 2009) – out of 2320 artwork handed in.

My paintings sold to private collectors all over the world, mostly to collectors in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom (also in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, and Germany).

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